I’ve spent my life working on audacious projects that might help save nature, mitigate climate change, and feed the world responsibly. But, every day I struggle with the question, “Are there reasons for hope?”. To answer this question, I have learned it is necessary to hold multiple conflicting beliefs rather than try to resolve them into one.

The miracle of each new generation is that it starts with a new baseline and with a new hope for a better future, even as older generations still cling to what has already been lost.

There is no reason for hope. Everything that can be lost will be lost. Life is suffering. Nobody gets out of here alive. We’re each an irrelevant speck of stardust in an infinite universe living for an insignificant blip of time. Nothing we…

I will explain how we solve climate change. It’s simple, but not easy. You might not like what I say, but I’m not wrong. COVID-19 is a lesson.

Sunrise over the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, where humanity began.

In the midst of COVID-19, what good is happening? Extremely rapid innovation, adaptability, and life-saving inventions all over the place. Regulatory and market barriers getting plowed through to get products out to help people in need. Companies working remotely instead making employees face soul-crushing commutes and flights. Companies trusting people to do the best work they can without as much oversight. People everywhere staying at home with their families and talking to…

The surreality of protecting wildlife from inhumanity.

Up close next to the eye of an African elephant.

The ear of a massive 35-year old bull elephant wraps over me like a warm blanket, shielding me with shade from the hot African sun. I’m crawling underneath as if into a humid cave as its rough wrinkled skin makes my hands feel soft and fragile. The scent of a large mammal and the dirt and the Earth are so potent, so alive, so foreign yet so familiar, they blast their way with physical force deep into each of my nostrils. Time slows down.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, as I slip ahead, a giant eye…

Finding My Soul with Charging Rhino’s & Elephant Shit

Two white rhino’s at Il Ngwesi conservancy in northern Kenya.

Recently I stayed for two week at Il Ngwesi eco-lodge in northern Kenya, part of a conservancy that is owned and operated by the Maasai. As it’s slow season and quite rainy, I was the only one there most of the time. I experienced some of the most joyful, soulful, peaceful moments of my life. I wanted for nothing more and felt immense grief and sadness for a life chasing those feelings, often in ways that produced the exact opposite result.

Most beautifully, after a night sleeping under the stars, I…

This once-expansive forest in northern Kenya was once a range for wildlife, which now must somehow navigate their way through an ever-expanding checkerboard of farms.

My first week in Kenya was a whirlwind tour (on a small prop plane with a few people from the Northern Rangelands Trust) of the remote, mostly unpopulated northern part of the country. It’s a harsh lands where armed violence and conflict have been the norm for eons, where every single rhino was poached as well as most of the elephants. Though things have been getting better in the past decade or so thanks to excellent community development work and conservation. More on this another time.

I am humbled by the challenges of protecting wildlife and habitat alongside the humanitarian…

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
~J.R.R. Tolkein.

Above northern Kenya on a small prop plane.

Wandering. That’s exactly where I am in my journey right now. In October, I put my life’s possessions into a small storage unit in Santa Cruz, California, gave up a permanent address, got a bunch of immunizations, and boarded a plane… one way to Nairobi, Kenya.

It’s both exhilarating and terrifying. I feel more like myself than ever before and less clear of who I really am. I used to know exactly where I was going, or so I thought. Now, I have little confidence in any of my ideas, but…

I believe that magical, unprecedented, innovative things happen when people who don’t typically interact actually meet. Two people from different worlds, coming together, can create unimaginable change.

This is my attempt to 10x how often these chance encounters happen, hopefully making the world a better place in the process. Imagine if this took off and spread. I can’t predict where this may go, and that’s the point. But I need your help. This is your excuse to introduce cool people who might never meet otherwise… what an honor you have!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick someone awesome in your network…

I’m a child of the 80’s. I’ve always been obsessed with computers and technology. So obviously “Back to the Future Part II” wasn’t just a movie to me, it was a roadmap; a roadmap to a time when we won’t need… insert dramatic pause… roads. This week, on October 21, 2015 we celebrate “Back to the Future Day”, the so called “future” predicted back in 1989.

So what the heck happened?!?! Where are my friggin’ flying cars and hoverboards?

But I’m not going to talk about flying cars and hoverboards because what they represent is far more important. These crazy…

Here’s a photo of someone on top of a mountain that is meant to inspire you :)

Whether you’re changing jobs mid-career or just starting out, you face the challenge of building up a resume to show that you have experience. I’ve been asked by people countless times,

“How do I get experience if nobody will hire me until I have experience?”

This feels like a real Catch 22, huh? In this article I’ll describe what’s worked for me over and over again during my major career transitions.

It’s really simple. Invent your own job for an organization you love and be willing to work for free, if necessary.

If you are capable of doing a job…

How Standup Paddling Lead me to Google[x] and Facing Down a Maori Haka with the World’s Greatest Ocean Navigators

Originally posted on National Geographic and Hokulea Worldwide Voyage.

Just ahead of us stood dozens of large Maori who pounded their bare chests, summoning blood until their skin glowed red. The cold gray skies and brisk ocean winds made our situation feel more grave. The whites of the angry men’s eyes doubled in size as they bulged. Tongues shot down to their chins. Weapons flashed with blinding speed as everyone jumped in unison. Powerful screams hit us with the force of…

Evan Rapoport

Moonshots for nature and innovative philanthropy. Senior Tech Fellow at Conservation Int’l. Formerly Google X & Maps, founding CEO of Oceankind. On my own path.

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